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Best cafes in Mumbai

18 Best Cafes In Mumbai

There are some of the most famous cafes in Mumbai that are perfect for a date, a reunion, or just spending some time with oneself. Some of these cafes serve a wide range of delectable cuisines that would leave you drooling. Check ‘em out now!

  • Garde Manger Cafe

  • Prithvi Cafe

  • Le 15, Colaba

  • Grandmama’s Cafe

  • Zesto

  • Kala Ghoda Cafe

  • Lotus Cafe

  • Leaping Windows

  • Central Perk 7

  • Aromas Cafe

  • Mockingbird Cafe

  • Birdsong Cafe

  • Leaping Windows Cafe

  • Samvene: The Bagel Cafe

  • D’Crepes Cafe

  • Cafe Mondegar

  • Mirchi and Mime

  • Leopold Cafe

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